Syadwad Jain Gurukul Academy

Respected fifth pattachary achary shri 108 vidhyabhushan Sanmati Sagar ji maharaj visited badagaon in the year of 1997 and came to know that a public school should be started in this backward area so that poor boys and girls may get education with the Jainology (Jainism), because the younger generation who sort often excuse themselves of not knowing such of mother tongue and avoid reading religious books. Therefore, an English medium school should be started.

The main purpose to start an English medium school in this village is not to earn money but to effort such an education which can make our moral story and also religious.

Syadwad Jain Academy is established in the year of 1998 run by Syadwad Pariwar. In this institution we provide our students with a best of education while following the traditional aspects of Jain culture. Through our education we not only prepare them to face the challenges of hostile world but bring them close to the society.

Our institution has set an example of inculcating the notions of self-discipline, honesty, nationality and self-radiance in its students. It helps to become an ideal citizen and able worker to shape the destiny of the nation.

The quality education is provided by our able teachers, helps students in shading their inhibitions and spread the glory of confidence all around.

Our versatile education curriculum including activities like recitation, debate, essay writing, sports and other competitions help the cause to maximum.

Let us join hands to build the foundation stone of tomorrow's India and our religious as solid as we can.

Co-Curricular Activities

The students get a chance to recognize and express their hidden potential and creativity. It is an effective medium to make them able and comfort to face the challenges of competitor world.

Art Competition: – The expression of the children are quite natural and flawless. To bring them out an art competition is held. The student participates in it enthusiastically.

English Handwriting Competition: – Handwriting is the mirror of personality. It enhances the standard of learning of a student.

Color Day: – Learning by doing or seeing is the best way to learn. Keeping it into consideration color day is organized in the school.

Poem Recitation: – Standard of students can be easily judged by their pronunciation. It can only be improved by telling them the correct way of accent. In order to encourage the students poem recitation competition is held in the school.

Vegetable Day: – Vegetarianism is spreading throughout the world. Most of the nations of the world are accepting it without any problem. It is very important for the students to know about vegetables. It is done through vegetable day. As far as small kids are concerned, they must know the benefits of vegetables in their lives.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration: – Different festivals are celebrated in our country. In order to bring the student to close to their ancient culture and traditions Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in our school.

Gurudev Jayanti: – It is the main celebration to pay respects to our gurudev 108 Acharya Shri Vidhyabhushan Sanmati Sagar ji maharaj whose inspiration and blessings are always with us.

Sport Week: – ‘Health is wealth' considering health of the students, mental alertness and physical education as an essential part of curriculum our institution organizes various activities. Students of all the classes participate in many games like race, hockey, cricket, football and indoor games.

G.K. Quiz: – G.K. quiz for their mental development and memory enhancement is organized in the school.

Apart from all these activities and celebrations the school organizes essay competition, Picnic day, New-year celebration, Class decoration, Fancy dress competition, Fruit party, Dance competition, Science exhibition as well.

These activities and celebrations not only proved enjoyable and refreshing but informing and exciting as well. They bring the students near to the school and develop sense of love, affection and respect in them.